Free Sorare: How to play without paying or get a free card?

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Contrary to popular belief, Sorare doesn’t require you to spend money. Indeed, it’s possible to play without paying and take part in the weekly tournaments thanks to the free cards!

It’s possible to obtain these cards in different ways and take advantage of the several notable advantages they offer. In this article, I’ll explain how to play Sorare for free!


Why should you play Sorare for free?

If you have free Sorare cards, you have the same possibilities to perform well in the game as the other managers, with one single exception: it isn’t possible to trade the cards and hope for an increase in their market value. These so-called Common cards have no Ethereum value. You can’t trade them with other players either.

On the other hand, you can collect them or participate in some tournaments that are organised by Sorare. These competitions can also allow you to win other free cards and thus increase your collection! I think that the free mode of Sorare is a good start for beginners. I went through this first step to get familiar with this new game.

How to play Sorare without paying?

To play Sorare without paying, you only need to receive free cards. These cards belong to the Common category and can be used in Common tournaments. They can be obtained in different ways: you can complete objectives set by Sorare, win rewards in tournaments and even receive them through mini-games available on other sites.

1. Collecting free common cards

Thousands of players that are registered on Sorare just collect the free common cards, which brings us back to the days of the Panini albums with a great deal of nostalgia! This collection can grow quickly, as there are many available opportunities to receive common cards. For a start, you’ll automatically receive free cards when you register with Sorare.

From the start, you can form a team of five players and participate in the Common tournaments. This gives you a chance to get more free cards, and even paid cards if you make it to the top of the leaderboard!

2. Participate in casual tournaments

The Casual tournaments are open to all the managers who are registered on Sorare. Each player receives enough free cards to be able to build a team. You only need five players: a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder, a striker and an extra (any position except for the goalkeeper). When you register, Sorare offers you ten cards, with at least one player per position.

The goal of the tournament is to score the most points based on the actual performance of your players, who are rated with points in a range of 100. At the end of the tournament, you are placed in the general ranking as well as win more or less interesting free cards depending on your results. Managers on the podium can even receive Limited paid cards. That’s a big step up in Sorare!

3. Use free sources to keep up with the football news

Everyone has a chance to win a Common tournament on Sorare. All it takes is a little success and, above all, a lot of hard work! As soon as you register, Sorare offers you free cards that can make a difference in your results, with at least a few experienced players. So you can build a good enough first team to get started.

If you follow football news daily, you can better predict which players are likely to score the most points this week. You can also check the average form of the player over the last five games. This statistic is shown at the bottom left corner of each Sorare card. For those who are passionate about football and/or are used to fantasy football, the chances of winning are real!

4. Play side games to win free cards

Since being launched in 2019, one of Sorare’s great successes is that it has created a very active community around the world. For example, there are many sites run by Sorare enthusiasts. These sites allow you to use free and paid cards to play mini-games.

In these mini-games, you can usually play with the Sorare cards you have in your possession. Depending on how well you do, it’s possible to win more free cards, or even paid cards! It’s also a good way to have fun while waiting for the outcome of a tournament or an auction that is still in progress… Among all these mini-games, I recommend Sorare Mega and Sorare Academy, two sites that I particularly enjoyed.

5. Take advantage of a free Limited card

To get free Sorare cards, you can also register via a referral link. Many managers help you in the Sorare sphere, and you can reward them by using their registration link.

For example, with Ultra Sorare, you will receive a free Limited card after winning 5 auctions on the primary market. To do this, simply use our registration link.

Conclusion: can you play Sorare for free?

As you can see, it’s possible to play Sorare for free. You are free to collect Common cards and to participate in the various weekly tournaments! The experience is worthwhile enough to take advantage of.

It’s also an excellent introduction for beginners, including those who want to trade. Whatever your ambitions on Sorare are, you will be able to familiarise yourself with some of the subtleties of the game…

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