My opinion on Sorare and players' experiences to know if it is worth investing in the game

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Launched in 2019, Sorare has quickly become a real social phenomenon. This fantasy football game has notably taken advantage of the crypto-currency and NFT craze to attract millions of players worldwide.

If you’re still hesitating to sign up for Sorare, you’re probably wondering whether it’s worth investing money in this game. So, I would like to give you my own opinion on Sorare and share my experience with you, as well as give a voice to all of our contributing players.

Sorare offers you a unique gaming experience

First of all, it’s worth recalling the purpose of the game. Sorare is a fantasy football game in which you can acquire NFT cards of professional players. All of these cards are officially licensed. In the tournaments, you have to put together the best possible team with the goal of beating the other managers and winning the rewards offered by Sorare. Getting points is very simple: the actual performance of the players you pick will determine your score.

Between collection and competition, scouting and trading, a unique gaming experience is waiting for you on this site. If you are a football fan and/or you like Fantasy Football, Fifa Ultimate Team and Football Manager, I highly recommend Sorare! This recommendation is even more valid if the world of crypto-currencies and NFTs fascinates you.

Sorare is above all a solid project

Since its creation in 2019, Sorare has experienced a meteoric rise. This French start-up has taken advantage of the craze around football, crypto-currencies and NFTs to bring people together around its project. Millions of players are now registered on this platform while investors are becoming more and more numerous.

In November 2021, Sorare announced that it had raised €600 million in funding, which is a record in the French technology sector. Valued at more than €3.7 billion, the company is also ranked first among French “unicorns”, those unlisted billionaire companies. Some football players have even become Sorare investors, including Antoine Griezmann, Gerard Piqué, Rio Ferdinand and César Azpilicueta.

With such great success, Sorare is taking the opportunity to add new features to its site, the latest being the introduction of free cards. Every day, the start-up signs new partnerships with clubs and leagues around the world, increasing the number of NFT cards available.

Finally, an office has just opened in the United States and Sorare is not ruling out the idea of expanding to other markets such as the NBA. Let’s face it, the Sorare phenomenon is here to stay! As an early player, I’m fascinated by how far we’ve come in the last three years.


Sorare is also a way to have fun following football

Before we even mention the NFT system, Sorare is very likely to appeal to all football fans. To begin with, the collection of cards takes us back to the days of the Panini albums. The rarity of the cards and the resulting exchanges between players guarantee an almost infinite amount of playing time! Furthermore, every football fan dreams of putting together their own team, which is now possible playing on Sorare.

When you participate in a tournament, you get points based on the actual performance of your players. This makes it even more interesting to follow the football news daily! Football experts are usually the ones who will make a difference in Sorare competitions. If you know football well, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to win! The free mode that is available is a good option for managers who want to have fun without spending money on Sorare.

Sorare allows you to trade NFT

With the democratisation of crypto-currencies and the emergence of NFTs, speculation has become pervasive in the daily lives of millions of people. This phenomenon has both advantages and disadvantages as money is at the heart of its functioning. I personally enjoy the fact that I can combine business with pleasure on Sorare.

Football is my greatest passion and I am finally putting all my football knowledge into practice. Scouting allows me to spot players with a high potential before other managers do and to seize the right opportunities as soon as they arise. I am able to buy cards at a lower price and then sell them at the right time for the best possible value. I’m learning the joys of trading without really realising it!

Earning money from my passion for football is a dream of mine. Of course, it’s also necessary to follow the price of Ethereum and keep up to date with the value of the NFT cards. Luckily, the SorareData site is completely free and is the largest database dedicated to Sorare. So anyone can start trading on Sorare with a small budget!

Sorare can help you earn money

Sorare isn’t considered a Pay to Win game, but rather a Play to Earn game. While some players are happy to collect cards or participate in tournaments, others have the desire to earn money with the NFT cards. As a unique virtual item, each NFT has its own value. The value of each NFT varies, of course, depending on the player’s performance, the price of Ethereum or the rarity of the card.

You only have to look at the sales on the secondary market to see how successful some managers are. If you buy a card at the right time, you can sell it at a much higher price later on. Weekly tournaments organised by Sorare are also a good way to get NFT cards.

The experience of our contributors on the Sorare game

Millions of players are now registered on Sorare and this number is constantly growing. Collectors, competitors or traders, there is something for everyone on this platform! Below we have collected the opinions of our contributors about the game Sorare.

Ultra Sorare Team

My personal opinion: should you invest and be invested in Sorare?

As an avid Sorare player, I consider this game a fantastic experience. I am a football fan and Sorare allows me to put all my knowledge of the game into practice.

In the course of a few years, I have managed to make profits through trading, something I didn’t necessarily believe was possible when I signed up on the platform. I don’t regret this choice at all, quite the contrary! This is why I wanted to share my experience with you through this series of articles.

If you want to discover the world of NFTs and crypto-currencies in a less abstract way than what is usually offered, Sorare is the place for you. I especially recommend this platform to people who are passionate about football and who want to combine business with pleasure!

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